Tandoor et grille

Tandoor et grille

Pakistan et Inde se fondent dans nos assiettes pour créer une nouvelle expérience de saveurs et odeurs que vous n'oublierez jamais grâce au restaurant Tandoor et grille, situé au boulevard Des Sources. Si vous cherchez un repas exotique essayez nos Balties préparés avec oignons, tomates et épices exotiques pour créer une savoureuse et délicieuse assiette. Vérifiez notre menu maintenant et commandez par téléphone ou en ligne, vous ne devez pas attendre grâce à notre rapide service de livraison gratuit ou venez facilement et ramassez!

(514) 683-4878

4690 Des Sources Blvd. D.D.O.

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Tandoor et grille
Tandoor et grille

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Tandoor et grille
Janshee Heeroo

-The food is so tasty. We had the buffet which for me personally was not expensive as we had chicken and even lamb to enjoy. The nan was soft and yummy. Definitely a place to try if you love Indian food-

Tandoor et grille
Tandoor et grille
Shweta Chawla

-10/10 Great experience! Last night i visited with my friends, the place was so crowded still they warmly greeted at the door and shown to our table. Everything we ordered was awesome and also the service was really good. The waitress was sincere and explained the menu attentively. She recommended all the dishes as per our preferences and all of them were delicious. I would love to recommend this experience to anyone looking for delicious food, drinks and great service. Must visit!!!-

Tandoor et grille
Tandoor et grille
Ali Raza Ul Islam

-True Asian Culture. Authentic taste. The most humble Manager always smiling. Aftar Buffet is amazing. Thank for hosting us. We went with 3 families total 6 person and all of them enjoyed.-

Tandoor et grille
Tandoor et grille
Carribean Boy

-I have no clue why people complain on price , quality or service . I have been here a few times and always during reviews poke the pros and cons . Service : well attended and fast however please note that there is a difference between fine dining and fast food. What we expect is quality in nick of time which is impossible in case of Indian food anywhere in the world if you expect good quality. We are always attended in 10 to 15 minutes . People are pleasant however due to the rush the employees cannot spend time chit chatting as they need to feed people. Quality : take time to read the menu and ask questions before just ordering something that says lamb , chicken ,fish or vegetarian. Price vs quantity : comparing to any other quality and quantity for the price , Indian food is the most generous . We always order 2 dishes for 3 people unless you have above average appetite ..lol I have always left feeling happy and satisfied dining at tandoori grill and can say by far this is the best restaurant for Indo Pakistan food. Some of the dishes by nature have to be cooked with butter and oil hence ask before ordering or know the food instead of blaming it's too oil , not cooked it too spicy . I have been to almost 80 percent of the Indian restaurants in Montreal and love this the most. I always take my friends and guest to this one because it's a safe bet . No one is perfect but these people try their best and I love their food so I would recommend this to anyone wishing to try authentic Indian food. Thank you tandoori grill :) Try their sizzler mix , Malai chicken and lamb balti. Paneer pakoda is a must , creamy and delicious .. looks like I am ready to make another weekend trip as just writing this makes my salivary glands crave for it ....-

Tandoor et grille
Tandoor et grille
Your local Source

-Has come a long way over the years. Fantastic samosa chaat followed by bihari kebab, chicken pakoras, chicken biryani, chicken Karahi and butter chicken. Will be coming back And hoping it remains consistent. P.S. for these types of restaurants, usually peak hours are when the food remains the most consistent. We went on a busy Saturday night and despite the restaurant being jam packed with the service trying their best to keep up, the food was at expected standards.-

Tandoor et grille